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#38 Diagnostic Problems That are Actually TMD/TMJ

I very rarely meet anyone in public who has not heard the diagnosis “TMJ”. Most people have a vague idea of the symptoms of TMD/TMJ unless they, or a friend or family member suffers from the symptoms.  In those cases, they can accurately describe the symptoms. Almost always the description involves one or more of […]

#37 Relationship Between TMD and Other Diseases

Periodontal Disease is a well-known and well-studied condition of the supporting structures of the teeth.  Patients with periodontal disease develop chronic inflammation of these supporting structures, and left untreated will eventually lead to the loss bone and the loss of teeth.  The first studies showing the association between periodontal disease and cardiovascular disease were made […]

#36 TMJ is NOT a Dirty Word

What do you think of when you hear the word “TMJ”?  Do you think pleasant thoughts? Or do you think confused thoughts and vague ideas? Does it make you think of a disease that is easy to treat?  Or does it make you think of a big black hole that no one understands and once […]

#35 Unusual Symptoms associated with TMD

There are 10 common symptoms associated with TMD. Headaches Earaches Jaw Pain Neck Pain Shoulder Pain and Tightness Tinnitus Subjective Hearing Loss Vertigo Arm/Hand/Finger Tingling and Numbness Various Types of Jaw Locking However, there are several symptoms seen less frequently that are known to be associated with TMD Pain behind the Eyes Pain Associated with […]

#31 X’s, O’s, the Roman Arch and TMD

Have you ever wondered how a computer program works or how a streaming service can send pictures across the internet.  The answer is simple, very simple.  All the data, in whatever form you see or hear, is nothing more than X’s and O’s. That’s all there is to it, just X’s and O’s organized in […]

#29 Patients with TMD Have Reasons to Hope

For some patients with symptoms of TMD life is awful.  This is what I commonly hear.  The specifics vary from patient to patient.  The complaints about the painful symptoms are the most common.  Constant and unrelenting and recurring headache, earache, neck and shoulder pain are the most common.  Sometimes the pains are unique in character, […]

#28 How would your life change if your symptoms disappeared?

This is a valid questions to ask yourself if you suffer from one or more of the following symptoms.  Frequent or recurring: Headache Earache Neck Pain Jaw Pain Tinnitus Subjective Hearing Loss Vertigo Upper Back and Shoulder Pain Arm/Hand/Finger Tingling and Numbness Jaw Locking These are the frequently experienced and medically accepted symptoms of TMD/TMJ. […]