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#79 “Why Insurance Companies Don’t Want to Cover TMD/TMJ”

The second most common question I hear patients ask at the time of their consultation is “Why doesn’t my medical insurance cover your device and protocol?”  Sometimes I give a short answer and sometimes I give the more comprehensive response.  The short answer is, “Because they don’t want to.” The more comprehensive answer usually takes […]

#78 Dangers of Misdiagnosing TMD/TMJ as Chiari Malformation

Chiari Malformation is a very uncommon disease affecting only one in one thousand people. There are four (4) types of Chiari Malformation.  The most common type is Chiari Malformation Type 1, which occurs when the lower part of the cerebellum, that part of the brain responsible for movement and balance, pushes through or herniates through […]

#77 TMD/TMJ and Tardive Dyskinesia

I bet you haven’t heard of Tardive Dyskinesia.  Unless you are a Neurologist or Psychiatrist you probably don’t know about Tardive Dyskinesia. It is kind of a medical secret.  The pharmaceutical industry doesn’t want to talk much about Tardive Dyskinesia. Most general physicians, PCP’s, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants don’t know about Tardive Dyskinesia. Most […]

# 76 Why TMD/TMJ is a Confusing Disease

It was 50 years ago, while training in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at Vanderbilt University Hospital, I confronted my first case of TMD/TMJ.  As a junior resident I was allowed to assist the chairman of the department operating on a patient who exhibited the disparate symptoms of this confusing and devastating disease.  Before having the […]

#75 TMD is an Orphan Disease

In his book, “Mistreated, Why We Think We’re Getting Good Health Care, and Why We’re Usually Wrong”, Dr Robert Pearl M.D., retired CEO of Kaiser-Permanente Health Care System, describes why sepsis (infection) is an orphan disease even though it is responsible for significant morbidity and mortality.  Within the practice of medicine, physicians concentrate their efforts […]

#74 Willful Ignorance and TMD/TMJ

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder is a devastating disease.  It is a progressive disease which usually starts out with minimal symptoms, once ignored, progresses into multiple symptoms which eventually ruins the patient’s ability to continue with life’s normal functions and duties.  It has been estimated that millions of workplace hours are missed each year in the US […]

#73 Doctors and Patients Confusing TMD/TMJ and Sleep Apnea

Recently, I saw a patient referred to me by a general dentist for consultation for TMD/TMJ. The non-surgical treatment of TMD/TMJ is the only service our practice offers. Once I began the consultation and asked a few questions it was obvious the patient’s problem was Sleep Apnea not TMD/TMJ.  You might ask, how could that […]

#72 Interprofessional Practice and TMJ/TMD

There is a growing movement in medicine and dentistry to integrate services in order to make them more efficient and convenient for the patient.  According to Robert Pearl MD, the retired CEO of Kaiser Permanente Health Systems, the largest independent healthcare system in the United Staes, research has estimated that inappropriate tests and ineffective procedures […]