#21 Importance of Knowing How the Device and Protocol Works. It’s Not Magic!!!

It is very important that patients treated with the Urbanek Device and Protocol have an understanding of how it works for two reasons.

  1. When patients can visualize what is going on in their own body they are more likely to perform what is asked of them by the doctor according to the protocol.
  2. When patients understand how the device works they can explain it to others. Being able to explain it to others is the best way to determine the patient has a thorough grip on why they are getting better.  Furthermore, when they can explain it to others, they will likely play an important part in helping other people with similar symptoms find relief.

The mechanism of action of the device is not “rocket science”.  It is not complicated.  You don’t have to be a doctor to understand it or explain it to another person.

I have discussed the details of how the device works in earlier articles. I’ve discussed how TMD/TMJ is similar to Tennis Elbow.  I’ve discussed why following the protocol is just as important as the device itself.  You can’t just slap the device in your mouth and use it any old way and expect good results.

The simplified version of all the details can be condensed into the following diagram that anyone can readily understand and visualize.

Inflammation in the TMJ Causes all the Symptoms and the Device Takes the Load off the TMJs Like a Set of Crutches Takes the Load off the Knees.

Decreasing the Load on the TMJs Decreases the Inflammation à As the Inflammation Gradually Decreases the Symptoms Gradually Diminish and Go Away.

It’s that simple.  Can you visualize how the inflammation within the TMJ decreases as you take the load off of the joint.  Can you explain this to someone else.  If you can, you fully understand how the Urbanek Device and Protocol works.

I have had many patients tell me they think the device works like magic.  The device is a tool that takes the load off the Temporomandibular Joints.  Use the tool correctly and you will get the response.

“It’s Not Magic!!!”