#20 The Importance of the Device Protocol

When patients hear about the Urbanek Device, whether from a referring doctor, a friend, previous patient, or the internet, they usually immediately relate to using similar devices which fit in the mouth.  Maybe they have used a mouth guard during sports, or a retainer after orthodontic care.  Patients are generally not turned off by placing the required device into their mouth.  The Urbanek Device, on the other hand, has attached to it a specific protocol for its use.  It’s called the Urbanek Device and Protocol for a reason.  The device works best and does wonders when used with a carefully planned and executed protocol. The protocol is not complicated.  The protocol is quite simple.  The protocol was worked out over a long period of time while using the device with the many variable symptoms of TMD with the many variations of patients who carry the diagnosis.

Often patients do not understand the importance of the protocol.  The protocol is rote but not set in stone. There is some variability depending on several factors.  But the protocol that works best for the majority of people, the majority of time is as follows.  Twenty-Four/Seven, (24 hours per day) except while eating, for the first two months.  Thereafter, it is to be used every night and during naps.  It’s very simple. Easy to understand. Easy to remember.

Some patients do not follow the protocol.  This is a mistake if the patient expects to get the best use from the device and diminish the symptoms as rapidly as possible.   Patients will give different justifications and excuses for not following the protocol.   Some just don’t think the protocol is important.  From the physician’s viewpoint it’s professionally frustrating.  Patient compliance is relevant to just about every medical, surgical, or physical intervention offered by the healing professions.  It seems that patients are often willing to trade treatment success because of their unwillingness to follow directions.

It is just as important to follow the protocol that goes along with the Urbanek Device as it is to follow the directions on the label of your medication.  Having good patient compliance is an integral part of any treatment offered by the healing professions.