#59 “How Come No One Ever Told Me About this Before?” (Part 7)

This is the seventh in a series of articles designed to answer the most common question asked by our patients after years or even decades of suffering life altering TMD/TMJ symptoms.  We often hear, “How come no one ever told me about this before?”  This question is often mirrored by their statement, “The only thing I regret is not knowing about this device and protocol much sooner.”

This article will focus on dentists and physicians and their disinterest in this highly prevalent health care problem.

Of all the categories responsible for patients constantly asking, “How come no one ever told me about this before?” dentists and physicians top the list.  My broad training in dentistry, medicine, and academics/research has given me the opportunity to, professionally and socially, communicate with hundreds of my colleagues in each area of these professions.  I have literally “rubbed elbows” with all types of dentists, dental specialists, physicians, physician specialists, and academicians/professors in university settings, operating rooms, doctors lounges, dental and medical meetings, over lunch, social gatherings, and in their offices and homes on the basis of having earned the credentials to be accepted as an equal.  I know what my colleagues in medicine, dentistry, and academics think because they have told me what they think about giving their honest opinions about what-ever topic is up for discussion.

When it comes to the topic of TMD/TMJ dentists, physicians, and academicians/researchers are all in agreement.  “There is no solution for TMD/TMJ!”  This cannot be better exemplified than by reading my previous article in this blog describing the panel of dentists, physicians, and academicians/researchers called together in 2019 by the National Academy of Science, Engineering and Medicine in Washington DC for the purpose of solving the problem of TMD/TMJ. The whole premise of this this meeting was to bring together the best minds interested in solving the problem and bring enlightenment and direction toward a solution.

The men and women in that meeting were at the top of their fields.  They knew there was no solution for TMD/TMJ.  They were called together to help in finding a solution.

What do you think the every-day, work-a-day dentist, physician, academician thinks about TMD/TMJ if he/she ever thinks about it at all?  I can tell you from my experience gathered from my colleagues in all the settings previously described,  they certainly know there is no solution for TMD/TMJ.  And I can attest to the fact that once a doctor makes his/her mind up on a topic it is nearly impossible for them to change their minds.  Doctors are just people with extensive education and degrees behind their names.  Have you ever known a person, once they take a position on some matter, will not change their mind?

That is exactly what has happened with our solution for TMD/TMJ using a simple device and protocol that unloads the TMJ like a set of crutches unloads an inflamed and painful knee.  Doctors have already made up their minds. Because they know nothing works they would rather not get involved with the problem at all.  Half the dentists decline seeing patients with TMD/TMJ and the other half make the patient a “night guard” and hope that they don’t come back.  The physicians punt any suspecting patient with TMD/TMJ to the dentists and constantly misdiagnose the problem as migraine headaches, Meniere’s Disease, Trigeminal Neuralgia, and ear infections.  Academicians/researchers don’t want to get involved and spend their valuable and limited research time in what is perceived as a lost cause.

So, when the patient asks me, “Why has no one ever told me about this before?” referring to the Urbanek Device and Protocol, I have a hard time giving them an answer.  Not because I don’t know the answer, but because the answer is multi-faceted.  It is because the honest answer does not paint their trusted health care provider in the best light.  It is because there are several categories of people and institutions responsible for unintentionally or intentionally mis-directing, and ignoring an actual solution.   It is because it would take me an hour or two with each patient to give them a complete answer that would make any sense.

It is the purpose of this article and the other articles in this ten part series to fully answer the question, “Why has no one ever told me about this before?”.

If you think your symptoms may be the result of TMD/TMJ schedule a consultation with us.  It is not difficult to differentiate TMD/TMJ from other diagnoses.   We have a simple, non-surgical, FDA cleared, patented, independent university study validated solution, that is now being used by a growing number of affiliated doctors throughout the USA.

Our entire team is dedicated to help you and supply the solution.