# 57 “How Come No One Ever Told Me About this Before?” (Part 5)

This is the fifth in a series of articles designed to answer the most common question asked by our patients after years or even decades of suffering life altering TMD/TMJ symptoms.  We often hear, “How come no one ever told me about this before?”  This question is often mirrored by their statement, “The only thing I regret is not knowing about this device and protocol much sooner.”

This article will focus on venture capitalists and their disinterest in this highly prevalent health care problem.

First, let’s define Venture Capitalist.  (A venture capitalist (VC) is a private equity investor that provides capital to companies with high growth potential in exchange for an equity stake. A VC investment could involve funding startup ventures or supporting small companies that wish to expand but have no access to the equities markets.)

In the USA, Healthcare is a business. This fact may be offensive to some, but it is fact.  Hospitals, doctors and groups of doctors, convenient care clinics, pharmacies, skilled nursing facilities, and all manner of healthcare services must make a profit, or they will not remain available to serve the public. They must also have capital before they make a profit.

Other countries, notably Canada and England have a socialized health care system in which most health care services are funded by tax revenues.  The United States has a two-tiered system in which the majority of the population is covered by private insurance paid through the individual’s employer or paid individually, and a minority, who for one reason or another cannot avail themselves of private insurance are covered by a system of federal and state assistance. (Medicare and Medicaid)

It is well established that patients under a socialized health care system stream to countries and locations with private health care for the quality and convenience of care.

Venture Capitalists are a group of companies that Identify health care companies worthy of investment and have the potential to substantially improve health care while making a profit for the venture capitalist.

Examples of well-known companies that have relied on venture capitalists include “Invisalign” dental aligners, “Inspire” for the treatment of sleep apnea, and a long list of implantable heart devices. These companies have solved problems that are both life-altering and extremely common. Their introduction to the public has happened with the help of venture capitalists.

TMD/TMJ is an extremely common disease with significant life altering symptoms. Forty-five percent of females and a smaller number of males in the United States suffer from one or more of the debilitating symptoms of TMD/TMJ. (Frequent or recurring headache, earache, neck and jaw pain, ringing in the ears, subjective hearing loss, vertigo, upper back and shoulder pain, arm/hand/finger tingling and numbness, and various kinds of jaw locking).

However, venture capitalists, with resources available to promote the development and awareness of our FDA cleared, patented, university study proven device and protocol, view TMD/TMJ as an unsolvable problem. They view it unsolvable having seen 60 years of practitioners using unscientific methods treating the problem. These treatments and practitioners have muddied the water to the extent that the whole concept of care for TMD/TMJ is considered smoke and mirrors.

When patients ask, “How come no one has ever told me about this before?”, the answer lies partially at the feet of those that supply the capital that brings innovative, revolutionary, and industry disruptive technology into the mainstream of patient care as done with “Invisalign”, “Inspire” and implantable heart devices.

Although lack of capital slows the process, it will not stop it.  Our goal at TMJ Services is to eventually have our simple device and protocol recognized as the standard of care.  Patients will then begin to say, “I’m so happy I did not have to suffer for 30 years before I found this solution for my TMJ problems”.  The growing list of doctors throughout the United States  currently using our device and protocol is a testament to our goal.

If you think your symptoms may be the result of inflammation within the TMJ contact us to schedule a consultation.  A brief review of your symptoms along with a simple exam and x-ray can confirm the diagnosis and direct appropriate care.

We are here to help.