#55 “How Come No One Ever Told Me About This Before?” (Part 3)

This is the third in a series of articles designed to answer the most common question asked by our patients after years or even decades of suffering life altering TMD/TMJ Symptoms.  We often hear, “How come no one ever told me about this before?”  This question is often mirrored by their statement, “The only thing I regret is not knowing about this device and protocol much sooner.”

This article will focus on teaching institutions and their exclusion of TMD/TMJ from their curriculum.  “Teaching Institutions” includes dental schools, medical schools, schools of nursing, nurse practitioners (NPs), and Physicians Assistants (PAs).  I am well qualified to discuss the inadequate inclusion of TMD/TMJ training having completed both dental and medical school, lectured for a year as an associate professor of Anatomy/Physiology in a nursing school, and delivered several continuing education seminars to nurse practitioners and physician assistants on the topic of TMD/TMJ.

If health care providers, (physicians, dentists, and nurses) have no training and experience in TMD/TMJ they will not recognize the symptoms and will certainly mis-diagnose, misdirect, and mistreat patients who present with TMD/TMJ symptoms.

In all fairness to teaching institutions, the excessive number of topics and volume of knowledge that needs to be covered in a relatively short period of time is a fundamental problem in curriculum design.  But this should not be an acceptable justification considering the number of individuals affected by TMD/TMJ.  Roughly 45% of females and a much smaller percentage of males exhibit TMD/TMJ symptoms throughout their lives. This is a very common problem and has been given almost no attention in spite of its prevalence in the population.

Medical Schools don’t address TMD/TMJ because they think it’s a dental problem.

Dental Schools don’t address TMD/TMJ because they think the temporomandibular joint is very complicated and should be left to specialists.

Nursing Schools don’t address it because nurses can not diagnose unless as a Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, who also think TMD/TMJ is really complicated and a problem for specialists.

And dentists who claim to be specialists in TMD/TMJ acquire their knowledge most often without scientific justification and intervention.

It boils down to the teaching institutions not understanding the importance and prevalence of TMD/TMJ and expecting someone else to handle the problem.  When no one takes responsibility, the void is filled with smoke and mirrors.

The patients are left to fend for themselves and most frequently go from doctor to doctor, clinic to clinic, ER to ER, and web site to web site, looking for a solution to a problem that teaching institutions prefer to ignore.

So, health care teaching institutions and be added to the list of participants that explain why patients ask, “How come no one ever told me about this before?”

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