#43 If You have TMD/TMJ, What is Needed and Wanted?

If you are reading this article, I assume you have been diagnosed with TMD/TMJ, have symptoms of TMD/TMJ, or suspect you have TMD/TMJ.

I know a lot about TMD/TMJ.  I have been treating patients with TMD/TMJ for more than 46 years.

As an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, I treated TMD/TMJ surgically for 34 of those 46 years.  Twelve years ago, after doing my own research project on the problem, I found the real cause of all the confusing symptoms and more importantly, figured out how to treat it successfully without surgery.

One of the lessons I learned along the way in almost 5 decades of patient care, is to be certain about what the patient needs and wants before I recommended any kind of treatment.  This is a very important and critical point.  A physician is bound by oath to “First, Do No Harm”.  So it seems logical to inquire of the patient what is “Needed and Wanted” before any treatment is rendered.  A physician should not assume that the patient is in agreement with any recommended treatment.  That is why a patient is always asked to sign a surgical permit or a consent for treatment before care is rendered.

The patient should always make it clear to the doctor what is needed and wanted.

Regarding TMD, it is not always clear to the patient what they need and want.

Sometimes, the patient is not aware of all the symptoms involved with TMD/TMJ.  There are multiple symptoms of TMD/TMJ that the patient thinks are caused by a different disease, most commonly, migraine headaches.  Commonly, the patient has been told that TMD/TMJ has no solution so they stop looking for help.  Or sometimes they have been given so many different kinds of treatment that have not helped that they become disenchanted and angry with anyone who wants to help. Generally, patients are totally confused if they have carried the diagnosis and experienced the symptoms of TMD/TMJ for any length of time.

Therefore it is prudent for the treating physician to ask the patient “What is Needed and Wanted.

  • “Do you actually want a solution for your symptoms?”
  • “Do you want the most simple, or most complicated solution?”
  • “Do you want to treat the cause of the disease or just the symptoms?”
  • “Do you want the most expedient solution or the one most predictable?”
  • “Do you want the least expensive solution or the one covered by insurance?
  • “Do you want to take a pill for the problem and numb your mind or confront the problem itself?”
  • “Do you want to understand the disease, or would you rather not know and just trust the doctor?”

These are just some of the questions that patients need to ask themselves when seeking treatment for TMD/TMJ.

I am surprised sometimes how patients answer some of these questions.  And sometimes, by just asking the patient these questions it becomes apparent what should be done, what direction to take.

What I discovered during my research on TMD/TMJ lead me to the most simple, predictable, scientifically researched and tested, least expensive, non-surgical, non pharma, easy to understand solution imaginable.

If you need or want to learn more about that solution call and schedule a consultation.  We are here to supply what is needed and wanted.