#33 The Urbanek Device & Protocol is a Tool & Set of Instructions

“If you use the tool and follow the instructions you will always get a good result”.

I often use the above quote when talking to patients during a TMD consultation.  I use it because it is a true statement.  I use it because I observe patients who follow instructions getting better results than patients who do not follow instructions.  I see patients who use the device as a tool get better results than patients who use the device inappropriately.

I have never taken a cooking course, but at times I find myself needing to make a meal.  I also like to occasionally bake cookies for my grandchildren.  Fortunately, my wife and I have a collection of cookbooks and I rely on them to come to my rescue.  Over the years I have made many embarrassing mistakes in the kitchen including confusing baking powder with baking soda, and misreading TBS in place of TSP.  The results of my errors have usually not been catastrophic but most often obvious to the eye or the taste buds.   My mistakes occurred because I did not follow the cookbook recipe correctly.  Sometimes it was because I was in a hurry and sometimes it was because I had a misunderstanding of the words in the recipe.  (How do you Knead dough? Why do you need to Knead?)

This same concept applies to the Urbanek Device and Protocol.  I and my team have been very careful and methodical in producing a consistent set of rules, documents, descriptions and instructions that go along with using the device.  The device itself is quite simple.  It fits in the front of the roof of the mouth behind and sometimes below the front teeth.  It is there to unload the temporomandibular joints like a set of crutches take the load off a damaged and painful knee. Unlike a set of crutches, the Urbanek Device does not need any help from the patient to do its job.  It works perfectly if it is just inserted and forgotten about.  You don’t have to move your tongue or the jaw in any particular way to assist.  It makes no difference if your mouth is open or closed.  It works just as well at night as it does during the day.  It is a very simple tool.  But you would be surprised how many people want to try to help the tool by playing with it with the tongue, or constantly trying to hold their jaw in a particular manner.  The Urbanek device acts more like a paper clip than a saw or a screwdriver.  Just set it and forget it. It does all its work once attached.  You don’t have to move it back and forth or rotate it to make it work.  It is indeed a very simple tool.

The protocol for use, (recipe) is also very simple but at times needs a little modification by the treating doctor.  But the protocol and everything the patient needs to know about the device and how to use it is contained in the package insert.  The package insert is always given to the patient as part of the consultation in preparation for accepting treatment and at the time of device delivery as part of the instructions for use.  Instructions are given both verbally and written within the package insert.  But you would be surprised by the number of patients who do not read the package insert and the number of patients who after reading the insert do not follow its directions.

Getting results using the Urbanek Device and Protocol is just like baking a cake.  If you know how to use a few kitchen utensils (tools) and you exactly follow the recipe from a cookbook, you will always end up with a well-formed good tasting cake.  If you do not know how to use the tools or don’t follow the recipe, you won’t get the expected result.

We have created the tool and recipe that has successfully treated over 4000, and counting, patients with TMD.  If you are ready to learn how to use the tool and apply the recipe give us a call.  We are here to help.