#31 X’s, O’s, the Roman Arch and TMD

Have you ever wondered how a computer program works or how a streaming service can send pictures across the internet.  The answer is simple, very simple.  All the data, in whatever form you see or hear, is nothing more than X’s and O’s.

That’s all there is to it, just X’s and O’s organized in a bazillion different ways to differentiate one letter from the other, one color from another, one sound from another, all stitched together and experienced by the listener or viewer.

I guess you thought computers were complicated.  When you break down computers into their simplest component, it is a bunch of on and off switches which create an experience.  Too simple you say.  It can’t be that simple. Everyone knows you have to go to school for years to be a computer programmer.  Well. Yes and no.  Universities and technical colleges that make a lot of money charging for computer programming courses and want you to think it’s complicated.  Why? So they can justify charging you a lot of money for their courses.

The reality is that anyone can create their own computer language by representing any part of language by a series of X’s and O’s they created by themselves.  But most do not want to take the time to do that when other people have created computer languages that are already recognized and complete.

Computer language and programs are a good example of something that seems very complex, but at its root very simple.

Another example of this is the Roman arch.  I’m sure you are familiar with the Roman arch.  You see it everywhere. Modern engineers use it in building bridges, tunnels, and buildings.  I have a roman arch in my backyard incorporated into the trellis at the entrance to my garden.  There are many other more complicated methods used by engineers to construct bridges, tunnels, and buildings using modern materials, lighter materials, more complicated construction systems, and more complicated support structures.  But nothing beats the Roman arch for simplicity and strength.  This is another good example of a very simple concept that is at the root of the solution for very complicated problems.

TMD/TMJ also appears, by doctors and patients alike, to be a very complicated problem.  It must be a very complicated problem because both doctors and patients admit there is no definitive solution.  Therefore, it must be a very complicated problem.  It’s complicated so doctors and patients have been looking in the most unusual and complicated areas to find an answer.  We have been told the TMJ is the most complicated joint in the body.  The doctors who try to treat it attempt to make it complicated to justify the very high fees they place on their service.  It appears that being complicated makes it better just like a complicated computer program or a complicated bridge.

The truth is TMD/TMJ is not a complicated problem.  The basic concept that makes TMD/TMJ a disease is the same concept that makes any disease a disease. All diseases have one thing in common.  INFLAMMATION.  Inflammation of the coronary arteries causes plaque to accumulate causing heart attacks.  Too much alcohol causes inflammation of the liver which then scars and creates liver failure. If our immune system is not working properly, it causes inflammation in multiple areas of the body known as allergic responses. Some can be life threatening.

TMD/TMJ is all about inflammation of the Temporomandibular Joint.  If you can make the inflammation in the joint go away, the symptoms of TMD/TMJ go away.

It’s that simple.  The best way to make the inflammation in any joint subside is to unload the joint.  In the case of the TMJ, the best way to unload the joint is to keep the back teeth from touching.  The loads on the TMJ come from the back teeth.  Keeping the back teeth apart for a measured length of time will make the inflammation go away.  When the inflammation goes away the symptoms go away.  That is the simple secret of the Urbanek Device and Protocol.  Just like X’s, O’s, and the Roman arch.  It’s simple.