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#36 TMJ is NOT a Dirty Word

What do you think of when you hear the word “TMJ”?  Do you think pleasant thoughts? Or do you think confused thoughts and vague ideas? Does it make you think of a disease that is easy to treat?  Or does it make you think of a big black hole that no one understands and once […]

#35 Unusual Symptoms associated with TMD

There are 10 common symptoms associated with TMD. Headaches Earaches Jaw Pain Neck Pain Shoulder Pain and Tightness Tinnitus Subjective Hearing Loss Vertigo Arm/Hand/Finger Tingling and Numbness Various Types of Jaw Locking However, there are several symptoms seen less frequently that are known to be associated with TMD Pain behind the Eyes Pain Associated with […]

#34 Don’t hesitate to Ask How Your TMD Treatment Works

Regarding any type of medical care, the patient should never be afraid of asking how the treatment or diagnostic procedure works. And the doctor should always be prepared to answer the patient with common terms the patient can understand and use to evaluate it for themselves.  Makes sense, right?  But most often this common sense […]