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#24 Inflammation of the TMJ is both an EFFECT and a CAUSE

As discussed earlier, Inflammation within the Temporomandibular Joint is the cause of ALL the symptoms of TMD.  This is the primary discovery which distinguishes the Urbanek Device and Protocol form all other types and forms of TMD treatment.  Inflammation is the EFFECT of damage to the TMJ.  The inflammation can be caused by clenching and/or […]

#22 TMD: “Nothing Can Be Done About IT”

The greatest problem with TMD is the consensus, among doctors and patients alike, that nothing can be done about it.  Half of all dentists turn patients away who arrive with the diagnosis.  The other half prescribe a night guard (occlusal guard) and tell the patient it will help with TMD symptoms knowing that it doesn’t, […]

#20 The Importance of the Device Protocol

               The Importance of the Device Protocol When patients hear about the Urbanek Device, whether from a referring doctor, a friend, previous patient, or the internet, they usually immediately relate to using similar devices which fit in the mouth.  Maybe they have used a mouth guard during sports, or a retainer after orthodontic care.  Patients […]